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Florida Fun Festival


Reserve your Onewheel Today!


Purchase New

  • XR- $1799.00
  • Pint- $950.00

(Special Bundle deals available at Festival only)

Florida Fun Festival Special

"rent before you buy"

  • Rent a XR at $25.00 hr
  • Rent a Pint at $20.00 hr
  • Rent a XR for 3 days @ $300.00
  • Rent a Pint for 3 days @ 235.00

* All rented Onewheels will be brand new and will be available for purchase at a special festival price of:

XR - $1650.00

Pint - $800.00

** for the people that rent for the 3 day package, the full rental amount goes to the sale of the rented Onewheel.

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